“There Is No Good News” is over. What comes next?

by david

So, I just wrapped up this show at ImprovBoston, a one-man comedy called “There Is No Good News.” The show ran for seven weeks, and was an incredible experience. I’m likely to write about it more later, but for now, I want to focus on the question that’s been in my mind since just before the final performance: “What’s next?”

One of the greatest challenges of the show was always describing it. Now that the run is ended, I’m not any clearer than I was before on how to concisely describe it. I guess I’ve learned that I could make some reference to “The Moth.” As in “if you like ‘The Moth,’ you’ll love TINGN.”  Or I could try to triangulate: “It’s somewhere between Spalding Gray doing slapstick comedy and Mike Birbiglia reading Marshall McLuhan.” I could call it a blend of storytelling and commentary or a blend of stand-up and sitdown. I don’t know. Whatever else it was, it was me talking quickly for about 45-50 minutes.

Over the course of the run, it got good word-of-mouth exposure and a little bit of press attention, enough that the final four weeks, we had full or nearly-full houses. I believe that if it were staged again, it could attract new and larger audiences. I’m just not sure how/when/where to do that. ImprovBoston could be the place, but IB has advantages and drawbacks for a show of this type. Anyone know a local theater or theater company eager to talk with a monologist who’s ready on short notice?

I plan to apply for fringe and comedy festivals. Most of those are far off, and of course, would have to accept the show.  In the best case scenario, in which I get accepted into awesome, prestigious festivals, they’re basically 9-12 months away. What do I do in the meantime? Produce the show again locally? Begin work on a new script? Focus on stand-up comedy? Sit tight, work on a book, and bide my time? None of the above?

Hive mind, activate!