William Gibson taught me how to use my iPhone

by david

My shameful technology secret is that I never bother to learn how to use 90% of the features on most of what I have. I have multiple Macs and don’t use (or appreciate the value of) Expose or Spaces or MobileMe. I have used turn-by-turn navigation on GPS maybe twice in my life. I don’t use any of the social features of XBox live, preferring to play video games in shameful isolation, the way God intended. For three+ years, I’ve been using the file structure from my old PC hard drive on my iMac, because I don’t want to take the time to reorganize. Surely I’m missing useful features, but I don’t particularly care: it works.

Similarly, I was aware of and fully intended to start using multitasking on the new iPhone, but I have a bunch of habits from my older model that are burnt in. And then I was getting out of the car just as William Gibson started talking to Tom Ashbrook on NPR. I have the NPR app with live streaming but never made much use of it because I always had to interrupt the stream to get my email (I should just open a vein–I’ve got a serious compulsive disorder when it comes to checking my email). Suddenly, multi-tasking was essential. I could be at the gym, checking my email, and listening to William Gibson all at the same time. It’s like I’d finally arrived in 2008.

Thank you William Gibson, brave futurist, for pointing the way from here all the way back to just a little while ago.

But also, yeah, the interview was fascinating. It’ll be here eventually: http://www.onpointradio.org/2010/09/william-gibson