Survey paralysis

by david

The Weekly Dig is doing a standard alt-weekly survey picking Boston’s best of everything. Mottley’s Comedy Club got a nomination, and I thought I’d click through and vote.

Holy crap, what a terrible survey. They want you to pick favorites in approximately 75,000 categories, and offer no “skip to the end” function if you just want to vote for Mottley’s or your friend’s restaurant or something. You can just leave it mostly blank and click click click click your way to the end, but even if you wanted to vote for everything, they’re just asking too many damn questions.

If you legitimately have a favorite butcher, second-hand clothing store, Southie hangout, Tuesday-night DJ, soul food restaurant, comedy club, sports pub, and manicurist, you’re a freak of nature and you spend too much money.

They’re not creating a prize list, they’re creating a hipster yellow pages.