Daily blogging. It’s coming.

by david

This is a neglected blog. It is neglected for a number of reasons, but none of those reasons is “lack of something to say.” The reasons/excuses are legion, and they’re all stupid. I’m busy, sure, but we’re all busy. The reality is that I like to talk, I like conversation, and I’m happier when I’m productive or having a conversation. Blog silence is not contributing to my happiness.

Thing is, I like meatier blog posts. I’m not much of a two-sentence blogger. Here’s what I’m going to do. Every day in June, I’m going to post a first draft essay. 30 topics follow. I won’t guarantee all 30 will be used. If someone suggests one I like, I’ll use it.

But I will post 30 times, on a wide range of topics I have actual thoughts about. When it’s done, I hope to carry the momentum to keep with regular posting. But for June, it’ll be 30 posts on 30 topics. Suggestions? Questions?

1. Fathers & daughters – making good on a Facebook post
2. Dumber Faster
3. On writing a novel
4. Food & vegetarianism
5. Sonic Youth songs
6. Meditation
7. The Wire
8. The curious case of Ziggy Mogolov
9. Something even baseball haters can love about the Kansas City Royals
10. Blessings
11. “Too long. Didn’t read.”
12. Pretending to like a show
13. Teaching
14. Fracking
15. Rereading
16. Complicated novels
17. Pitchfork
18. Advertising and Green Eggs and Ham
19. Twitter
20. Skinny guys complaining about weight
21. Coming to grips with actual difference – not everybody wants what you want
22. Political fundraising
23. My two year old daughter gets mail
24. My refusal to plan
25. Midwesternism vs New Englandism
26. Hanging out with comedians
27. What happens when I perform
28. A toast I have to live up to
29. Not being a good friend
30. CD furniture and streaming music