Beware the idles of June

by david

I noticed a couple references to this article about how media reports of scandals increase in mid-summer and during news lulls. Essentially, when politicians are on vacations, baseball’s the only sport, and elections are in neutral, reporters still have to file stories, and so small gaffes and less-than-titillating revelations get more airtime and column inch than would otherwise be their due.

This seems like a good cue for us all to just unplug. Set your outrage meters to “charge.” Let your RSS readers go unchecked, your podcasts unlistened to, and go read a damn book. If something ACTUALLY important happens, it’ll scream with importance. Until then, keep the following in mind:

* No member of Congress is really saying anything important right now. Double true if they’re in the leadership, quadruple true if they’re in the Republican leadership (Mitch McConnell says the President is using the IRS to harass political enemies. If that was true, it’d be a SCREAMING headline. It was just a routine lie.).

* Read all stories about research overturning basic medical truths as fiction until reinforced abundantly: tis the season for non-science writers to misinterpret a press release.

* Dumb celebrities will say dumb things. This is true in all seasons. They’re still dumb, and they’ll still have the cultural impact of a gnat.

* You will be asked to call for somebody’s job. Sleep on it. They probably deserve a reprimand.

* The suffix “gate” is hyperbolic.

* That expert isn’t an expert.

Books are still available from retailers and libraries. Pick one up. Even if it’s stupid, it’ll be less stupid than getting angry about Eric Cantor calling for an investigation of Mayonnaisegate.