In which your humble blogger fixes Twitter

by david

Twitter spammers are among the most obvious anywhere. But clearly, it must work. Someone clicks on all that stuff.

I understand that it’s very, very difficult to block spammers. So I propose we do the opposite: block stupid users.

I recommend that Twitter immediately implement the following terribly paternalistic solution: every user of Twitter, on their next visit, or upon sign-up, must solve something like a captcha. But it’s not a traditional captcha. It’s just a list of ten Twitter profiles, three or four of which are obvious spam. Anybody who clicks on or interacts with a spammer is forbidden access to Twitter on the grounds that they’re too dumb and create the incentive for spammers to bother all of us.

Twitter, I’m willing to accept payment in the form of cash. Whatever denominations suit you. If you have to deliver it in Hefty bags, let’s just meet at the bank.