Sometimes I only noticed one hand on the scalpel. And the Lord said, “that is when I trusted the guy with the medical degree.”

by david

Americans are going to Mexicali for medical care. OK. This is just one of the many strange-sounding realities that have emerged from our peculiar health care system. Compared to the other insanity we consider normal, this is trivial.

But check out this photo!

Clinic lobby with portrait of Jesus guiding the hand of a surgeon.

That painting in the background KILLS me. I’m dying. DYING.

Listen, Christian friends, we’ve got no beef. Though I don’t subscribe, Jesus gave pretty solid life advice, and we could all do worse for role models. But if Jesus scrubs in for my surgery, and actually moves the surgeon’s hand, I better be sedated like nobody in history. And I’m gonna wake up swearing.