Creative Work, 2012

by david

Taking a cue from my friend Ryan Walsh, who compiled a list of all his creative accomplishments in 2012, I’m going to do the same. Please remind me if I’ve forgotten something!

* I performed at one of my favorite shows, The Kerfuffle, three times, and did three very different types of comedy: The Dating Psychic, “Let Off Some Steam, Bennett“, and whatever it was that I did at the Running With the Devil show.

* Blogged every day in June (and generally much more, all year, including the Rereading series, which I need to post to ASAP)

* Wrote and debuted a new show, Dumber Fasteropening it at FringeNYC

* Had Dumber Faster published by Indie Theater Now (There Is No Good News will be available there soon)

* Wrote over 100 UNAUTHORIZED FACEBOOK BIOGRAPHIES and created a site to house them

* Worked with five great guest performers to bring their stories to ImprovBoston for Dumber Faster‘s Act One

I feel like I’m forgetting some things.

The best thing about making this list is the projects I can’t put on it because they’re underway. I know next year’s list will be at least as good.

Handwritten copy of a script in progress, spring 2012.

Handwritten copy of a script in progress, spring 2012.