Carry the Two

by david

(another in a series of posts about what I plan to do in 2013)

So it was inevitable that one of these posts would be this one, right? I’m writing another solo show. My apologies, but compared to the other posts, I will say very little about this one, both to give myself the freedom to let the script evolve in unexpected directions and to maintain some element of surprise when the audience eventually turns up. I can say that while I never planned There Is No Good News and Dumber Faster as the first two parts of a trilogy, my friend Kevin Quigley is not wrong in expecting something like a conclusion here. A subtle arc has naturally taken shape, and the ideas I’m playing with in the third show, tentatively titled Carry the Two*, only really work in my brain because of the work I did on the last two shows.

As I wrote to my director, Steve: “If the financial crisis and saying goodbye to childhood sat at the center of There Is No Good News and the internet and cognitive bias are the core of Dumber Faster, the new show is about the economic concept of ______ and the show is almost entirely about ______.” I didn’t send him blanks, but I’d love to see your Mad Libs guesses for filling them in (something public/something personal). I’ve been procrastinating more than usual in getting this started, partly because my expectations for it are very high. On the other hand, I should be eager: I’m finally, finally, finally getting to talk on stage about my hatred for one of America’s most beloved advertising icons.

OK, one detail. It’s Jared the Subway guy. I fucking hate Jared. You can find out why sometime in the fall or winter. I’ll be getting started in earnest after Dumber Faster: A Benefit for Doctors Without Borders (for which you should buy tickets).

*There Is No Good News was originally titled My Housing Crisis and Dumber Faster was I’m Hungry From All This Eating. Carry the Two is not guaranteed to be the title.